The length of your selvage denim or jeans are altered using our authentic Union Special sewing machines with a chainstitch or a lockstitch. The original hem can be reattached to preserve the faded and distressed look and we also can fray the hem for a unique finish.

Top stitch hem

Chain Stitch Hem

Reattach Hem

Frey Hem

Darning & Patching

Rips and tears will inevitably happen to your selvage denim, most likely with a story of when, where and how it happened. We use a combination of darning and patching to save the story and create a one of a kind repair.

Darning is a series of top stitching in multiple directions to create a patchwork of threads that blends in with the denim. Darning conceals the hole, but at Denim and Tailor we prefer to keep the hole/tear and work with it to create a personal statement. We reinforce the area with a piece of denim and use the darning method to keep the denim patch in place. We artistically blend both worlds of darning and patching together to create unique and one of a kind repair that will last years to come with style and a story of how it happened.

Patching can be customized to your desire from a matching color to a contrasting denim patch along with a decorative top stitch. You can supply your own stable fabric that can be used for the patch repair. Also, you can choose the color of thread for the top stitch. We give you the option to define the patch yourself, simply email us first at tailoringbymark@gmail.com to discuss your creation.

If you prefer the darning method, all repairs are preformed on our Singer 47w70. We will match the thread color so the repair will seamlessly blend in with the existing denim. Please specify at checkout if you wish to prefer the darning method of repair.

2″ x 2″

2″ x 4″

2″ x 6″

2″ x 8″

4″ x 4″

4″ x 6″

4″ x 8″

6″ x 6″

6″ x 8″

8″ x 8″


Have your favorite pair of denim adjusted for a custom tailored fit. We can taper the width of the legs from the inseam, outseam or both depending on which method will best preserve the natural wear of the seams. If there is a selvage edge, only the inseam will be taken in to preserve the finish.
The waistband can be taken in from as little as ½” up to a maximum of 3” using a classic tailoring technique without eliminating any hardware and without disrupting any pockets for a virtually unnoticeable finish. We DO NOT use darts, however we remove the waistband, belt loops, labels and make adjustments on the side seams. Everything is put back together using our antique industrial sewing machines matching as closely as possible the original thread color and stitch length.

If your waist is too tight, we can add up to 3″ of fabric along the side seams to enlarge the waistline. Simply email us first at tailoringbymark@gmail.com to discuss your waist expansion options.


From knee to bottom


Take in ½” – 1 ¼”

Take in 1 ½” – 3”


Do your pockets have holes, stitching coming apart, or is your belt loop hanging on by a thread? We can make the necessary repairs so you can wear your denim comfortably without losing anything.

Replace ½ pocket bag

Repair blown out belt loop

Restitch belt loop

Restitch label

Restitch open seam

Restitch open seam with topstitch


Lost a button or have a broken zipper? Don’t worry we can fix that too. We can replace buttons and rivets with a generic item of similar size and color on our antique kick press. If your zipper is not working, we can stitch in a new YKK metal zipper while doing our best to match the original thread color and stitch length.

New button or rivet

Replace zipper

Button fly to zipper


If there is a repair that is not listed above or if you have a special request, here is your chance to tell us. We can work on any denim garment ranging from jeans to jackets and skirts to shirts. Some custom alterations include taking in or letting out, shortening sleeves or adding fabric, and adding a maternity band or making a skirt from a pair of jeans. All you have to do is ask and we can tailor, alter or customize your denim. Email us your request at tailoringbymark@gmail.com and be as specific as possible along with photos and we will give you an estimate for your creation.